Our team of experienced individuals are our competitive edge. Our employees are the public face of MJM and we recognise and respect the value they add to our business by delivering excellent service every day. Our people possess the skills, experience, most advanced equipment and most importantly, our support to ensure they produce their best.

MJM professionals are drawn from a wide range of professions and backgrounds - including key government bodies, insurance, law enforcement and legal sectors, and other related professions. They are highly skilled in multiple facets of investigation and are mindful of your needs. We abide by all State and Federal laws and regulations as well as other regulations that govern the rights of the individual.

Michael Malone, President

Michael J. Malone President

Mr. Malone has been in the private investigations and security business for over 28 years, specializing in Loss Prevention, Risk Management, and Information Gathering in the Governmental, Public, and Private Sectors. He places high emphasis on leadership, teamwork, and moral responsibility. Mr. Malone is a well-known philanthropist, published author and recognized leader in the marketplace.

Kieran Milne Managing Director

Mr. Milne joined MJM in 1996 and has been the Managing Director of the firm since 2002. As a recognised leader in the Australian investigation industry, he is dedicated to the long term future of MJM’s operations at home and abroad.

John Biddle Executive Manager

Since 1999, Mr. Biddle has been involved with establishing MJM as the leading investigation company in Australia. He currently holds the position of Executive Manager responsible for Program Management and International Investigation services.

Dan de Leau

Dan de Leau Executive Manager
HR & Legal & Compliance

Elizabeth Prakoonheang

Elizabeth Prakoonheang Financial Controller

Greg Cleary

Greg Cleary General Manager National Operations